Feel good and lose some inches from your waist

Written on 02/18/2018


Want to feel good lose some inches from your waist but you also want time for yourself  and life is a party but being healthy can still be glamorous!

Sometimes we eat way to much so we feel like a sausage in a cocktail dress and that feeling has to go.

So detoxing cleansing and more it the answer !

yes yes yes we are going completely 100 procent natural juice and let me introduce you to the Blac.

Its not the most photogenic juices that Juice to U has but is the latest phenomenon loved by celebrities and YES i repeate CELEBRITIES and it is branded the "Red Carpet Cleanse"

Alkaline Water, activated charcoal (i cant pronounce it good,im Dutch LOL) with lime and agave nectar to help eliminate acid wastes out of your system leaving me feeling super energised is my favorite and I drink it 30 min before i go to bed.

If you do it with a healthy diet or in combination with a fresh juices you definitely start to feel it.

So when my stomach is bloating i make sure my cupboard is stocked up.

Place you order and use MAGALI to get it at a special offer of £35 delivered to your door, so no excuses.


check Blac on Instagram: @black_cleanse and check there website for more info

and when its good for the celebrities ... Helloooooo its definitely good for me and you too!


Let me know your thoughts in the comments xx