Secret Weapon

Written on 05/08/2019

Hi,  it’s an emotinal one.

Kate was a 30 years old mummy to a little girl and happily married.

But also a skin health expert.

Who has everything to live for but then she had cancer.

And why does it always happen to good people?

Why her? Cancer doesen't discriminate, it just destroys.

But she got the all clear in the end, however then it came back to haunt her.  

My sister had cancer and I  have seen the damage and the side effect that it has on the skin.

Dryness,  the appearance of lines and dark circles under the eyes as well as scarring.

So Kate created a formula to fight all of the side effects .


 The results from Acne, Melasma, Aging are all incredible.

Yes check her out on Instagram KateMcliver.

A lot of celebrities have been using it and sharing their results check that also on her instatories and see for yourself the amazing feedback they have given as a result of using the product.

From woman that has tried it all and like us all wants to look good and their best!


Kate taught me again today a life lesson. Yes life is too short and we all have the right to look good and feel good and she only wanted to help people just to feel good in their skin.

And even she now looks down on her loved ones from above.

 This is her business she started and she wanted to be succesful for her daughter.

And it feels good tooooo know we look good and support th GOOD cause.

For all my lovely customers 10% discount code off your next purchase of 30 ml. SECRET WEAPON SERUM.


and let me know what you think xxx

Rest in peace beautiful soul Kate.