A little secret

Written on 05/19/2019



The summer is coming and we need to feel good. Yes I take it seriously and yes we have to as ladies because we are active on social media. 

So there I go up to 5 sessions to attack the belly fat.

I never ever had fat around my belly but I have to be careful because Dean is working in South America which means i constantly eat lots of food.

I start at 10.00 AM , eat at 13.00. Another day, another Suriname dish.

Google Suriname Roti or Pindasoup or Bami or Nasi and check it out for yourself.

Who can say no! I miss this food because in Holland you can get it but here in Cheshire or UK is it no where to be found, those tasty delicious foods. So you can guess what is happening mama is very very greedy and eating 10 days way too much. No gym and being in the pool is just for show and cooling down hahaha.

So I tried before I  died and you know what, check the video's below.

It's easy to break it down, easy for you .

And it's this simple! This melts the fat and  you get a good explaination from the team anyway and after the treatment  you drink a lot of water.

I hate it but green tea and water with fresh ginger and a lemon is making it all good.

I had 5 sessions and you know what with excercise you will get results.


My friends are all doing it now and they are also excited to see the results. I watch the carbs and feel it's a great kick to start feeling good in clothes and soon in my swimming costume.

I have to be real don't think you don't need to watch what you eat and the machine will do it all . NOOOOOO  you become what you eat .

But you feel so much better for it and I do a hot watwe and lemon in then morning to kick start my day.

A healthyshake.

Nibble on healty snacks and carrots and cucumberis my favourite.

Nice ommelets  and salads and eating one meal at night.

Well i'm feeling much better and look already great in my summer clothes.

I want to be a good version of me and this was the best combi I can recomment to anyone to do.

Gym, Brazilian booty lift and good food and you will shine 

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