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Written on 02/18/2018

A little extra touch to just make drinking a cup of tea also a sweet memory..

if you want to do something special this is a great tip so keep on reading.

I have family and friends come over from Holland all the time and when they make the effort to come and see me i want to make sure that they feel nice and welcomed in my home too. 

I always put fresh towels out and crisp white bedding, at the end of the day nobody wants to see a scruffy bed or have the feeling that somebody has slept in there.

Then i make sure the room smells fresh and i even spray some freshness on the bed sheets with lavender being the best choice. Not to much..we dont want people sneezing all the time lol.

Because I travel a lot and stay in luxury hotels I always take the little soaps, shampoo and lotions they provide you with back with me.

I know it sounds sad and maybe people think its not sjiek and OH yes we have many arguments with my lovely husband about it but I DON'T CARE.I'm a die hard I will not give this up. Most of the time  it's cute and pretty and are from a good brand too so why should i leave it?

So they going with me ….no discussion, WE paid for it is my last sentence.

So Dean gives up haha.

I provide them to my guests and it puts a smile on their face everytime they walk in the room and see them lay on top of the freshly folded towels.

When they arrive from the airport  most of the time it's time for a nice cup of tea but we don't go wild it's just tea and a biscuit.



We need to catch up on the gossip,the love stories and the sad stories too but a tea and a home made buscuit makes it all good.

So this time i do it myself and I’m not a kitchen princess but this will make guest and you feel really good.

The smile and the personal touch the awwww 

Yes its so worth it….i promise. 

THIS is what I did;

*I cut the favourite biscuits dough into the shape of each persons Initial and I go the extra mile so I add decorative bow once they are ready. Its looks really cute.

*I draw the large letter on a piece of paper, roll out the dough,place the letter on the dough and cut it out with a kitchen knife.It goes straight in the oven.

*Always cook on a grease paper tray according to packet instructions and let the cookies cool down,turn on to a wire rack to cool them down is better in my opinion.

*Last but not least tie on the beautiful ribbon bows for an extra cuteness factor.


AWWWWWWWW even they too nice to eat.

If they look cute thats what really matters and a smile on everbody's face is priceless.


Let me know what you think in the comments. xxx