Make drinking tap water fabulous

Written on 03/25/2018

I love a nice glass, i think it can even make boring tap water look fabulous.

I don't drink English tap water straight from the tap as i can smell it haha but in Holland where i am originally from has the best water filters which help a lot. 

My tip would be to boil the water first and let it cool down, add lemon or ginger in it to give it a mild flavour or you can spice it up with fresh mint leaves.  Finish by pouring it into a beautiful water bottle. 

It's the finishing touch in life that makes moments special. even if it's just a 10 second thought and it makes me happy, it's worth it.


Bottom line is, yes i invest in beautiful crystal clear glasses which making drinking water a fabulous moment. Come on i'm not a snob, drinking water from a throwaway plastic cup is not the same and even you can invest in a beautiful glassware no matter what your budget is.

We all have clumsy people in our lives..husbands, boyfriends of children that like to fill up the dishwasher with quality glassware and treat them like they're coffee mugs resulting in them chipping or breaking.


Don't throw them away, i have an amazing second life tip for them.


1. Fill them up with beautiful teaspoons not only making them look pretty but also doubling up as a spoon keeper.

2. Buy large sized tea lights and put in a glass and place on your garden table resulting in a beautiful night time light that won't blow out in the wind.

3. Use the glass as a small flower vase for guest bedrooms/bathrooms. Everybody likes to wake up next to a vase with beautiful flowers in it. 

4. Finally you can use as a lipliner or eyeliner pencil storage in your bathroom.


Just a few tips to give your expensive glassware another life before it ends in the glass and plastic recycling bin outside your house.