An evening of gossip, cocktails and chocolate truffle making with Magali & Fans

Written on 11/21/2017

Here I am sitting on my couch on a Monday evening in my Olivia Von Halle pyjamas of course.(my BFF that hasn’t met me YET but watch this space)🤣 Enjoying a cup of earl grey from Harrods from my recent trip to London and catching up on the latest Wendy Williams Show. 

I scroll through my social media and I notice that my latest post has accumulated hundreds of comments and thousands of likes. I read the comments and notice that each and every person has one thing in common and that is to see me back on TV and to meet me!

With this in mind I decide that it is time to organise a meet and greet event and reach out to my good friend Oliver that I’ve known for a long time who is an amazing chocolatier and who was more than happy to give me a helping hand.

Oliver is a chocolatier based in Cheshire, follow him on instagram @oliverschocolateparties. He makes fantastic yummy truffle treats and would make a fantastic son in law had I had a daughter haha.

The event is round the corner and I have nothing to wear with the witch Magali starting to make an appearance. All of a sudden I see two names that you’d never put together … Kourtney Kardashian and that have brought a clothing range out. I browse through the catalogue to see what the hype is all about and fall in love with a gorgeous hot pink jumpsuit which I pair with Chloe shoes for my special event. I’m not a pink kinda person but for £35 you really can’t go wrong haha plus I got a lot of compliments because it’s all about mixing and matching high street and designer.

So i make my selection of fans that have shown interest and I feel horrible because I have to say no to a lot but I know now how judges say no to somebody that is good and tick all the boxes but unfortunately the spaces are limited so i have to make my mind up and i have to make it up fast.

Tataaataaaa Ollie 🍫 and Alchemist 🍸 is the location of tonight’s event.

I feel very special and look a million dollars. 💷As the night went on we laughed LOUD, gossiped a lot with a lot of questions answered..oh I forgot, we made chocolate truffles and chocolate lollies.  The real housewives of fabulous Cheshire and I made our way downstairs so i could show off my cocktail making skills with the real bartender creating a signature Magali cocktail that you can drink at the The Alchemist in Alderley Edge whenever you go. 

As the night draws in its time to say goodbye to everyone, it has been a fabulous experience for everyone including myself. I left with my chocolate gifts for the family and my balloons , yep I don’t like to leave them haha they are now looking pretty in my kitchen and little Lulu barks at them every time ha ha ha.

Never thought that I would meet people above a certain age and it seems they like me too, it felt as thought we have known each other for years but that is because they know me from TV where i was myself throughout the whole time.Yes what you see is what you get with me, we all agree on that one. 

Thanks you to all that made my night very special and memorable. In the mean time watch the videos, see the photos as i go back to the gym and until the next time keep your eyes peeled for more Magali's World gossip!