Meet & Greet The Suriname Way

Written on 04/29/2019

You will never believe this.....I was all in the makeup, maxi dress on and fabulous earrings and my YSL bagwith me and ........ok

Where do I start..

Ok as you probably know my husband Dean was 17 years a footballer and played in the best teams,the top in Holland.  And as the most famous footballers  with a darker skin colour they have their roots from Suriname.  

It's a big country,small population.It's basically the amazon ,jungle and a lot of etnic groups living there  Indian ,Maroon , Creole, Javanes, mixed, Indigenous Amerindian, Chinese , European and so on.

So yes they all mixing now so beautiful people and many beautiful cultures. 

Dean is born in Suriname and  when he was 1 year old they moved as a family  to Holland. His father was a ex interational footballer too but unfortunately he got a knee injury.  Now its 2 wks and you can play again. That time his fathers career was over.

So for a new job he went to live in Holland.   And they moved as a family to Rotterdam where Dean played and we got married the day after Feyenoord became Champion of Holland after 10 years.  The city was crazy. He started playing football in Holland  and after having all his  football managers papers and some jobs in football. Southampton assist manager, Scottisch national team and  Man United working with Alex Ferguson and Ajax working with Johan Cruyijff just to name some things he did. 

He became now National team manager/coach  of Suriname . So he flys lot and now me also.

I'm original not from there but thats anther chapter haha.

Basicly Dean is making history with the Suriname team and now busy with the Olympic team in Orlando.

And even he played for Oranje /Holland and the Olympic team himself he is doing amazing now with the Suriname players too and busy with the quaifications for the World Cup watch his space. 

So I end up in Suriname and go to the office of the SVB.

  And it looks very promising, meeting people that dealing with the press and players at the match. So a young lady takes a photo of me with her and after a few minutes it look like if her facebook has exploded. Oh my days Magali from THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF CHESHIRE is in SURINAME!!!!

So I had my first meet and great in the capital city of Suriname in Paramaribo in South America.

And  you know scroll up and see how i  started the text .....with you will never believe it ?

Well ?

One was so enthousiastic but cancelled the last minute hahaha and the others came late whahahahaha.

A meet and greet and i was waiting for the people that wanted to meet me  hahahahaha.

We had a lovely table overlookig the river and the pool  at the Marriot Hotel.

We had a cosy round tabel and they could ask me everything about the show or even personal things about me . We ended up in Bar Zuid a very populair nice and goooooood food bar and restaurant and it was nice to talk about the show too. It was a huge part of my  life and i have some great memories.

The wedding was fabulous it's something you shared with people you don't know. But also I made a lot of people  happy with just being me. It was very special for fans with a brown skin colour and made them very proud. I still have the nice tweets and comments and cards saved.

Yes dont mess with me  oh and def. dont cross me and you better don't lie about me hahaha.

But yes  mama is ready and yes  Mama has even fans in Suriname in South America.

Never thought that people there watched the show too. But a lot want me back and now don't watch it anymore because i'm not in it.

How loyal haha but also just for them i made the APP.

 So they can find out what i'm doing anyway and also what my life is like when i'm in Suriname.  Now I stayed in the Jungle in Berg en Dal and did a river trip and a creol village tour. I was the Real Housewife of Suriname with a massive Frog in my hand  hahaha.

And I def come back soon to the world of the jungle and the black panter and some monkeys in the garden with some colourful birds flying around and oh let's dont forget the amazing fabulous food.

So the next story is about some Suriname food receipt what you can make at home . But for now I put so much weight on hahaha sun and mango's and food and no gym it was def. not a great combi for me ...anyway KON HESI BAKA.

you can google that :) 

Until next time keep your eyes peeled.