Magali Gorré: “Life is but a Sport.”

Written on 06/30/2019

FWM: Share your background.

I’m from a mixed family. My mother came to boarding school in Holland with my Auntie. They were born in Curacao, close to St. Barth. After their study they both fell in love and stayed. I was born in Holland. I have 2 younger sisters and a brother and my family is 50 shades of brown. Haha!!!

FWM: Tell us about your book.

My first book was about my life and how a young girl falls in love with a Footballer. I also grew up in the football (soccer) world. The book is about how to deal with having this lifestyle. For example, my friends were at the university and I bought a new house and got married. I saw my husband becoming a Celebrity in the world without Instagram and Facebook. I delve into the downside of being a Footballer’s wife and that it’s not only glitter and glamour, but it’s sometimes hard being alone a lot, moving into a new home and putting your own career on hold for your husband’s job.

My second book is about “How to be a International footballer’s wife although a fictive story, it was based on real stories told without the names and the shirt numbers. It’s about bling and tears. The couple leaves the biggest club of Holland, Ajax, and she follows her husband with her young family to England. She is a Dutch girl in the world of Villa. They have expensive cars and designer clothes. She lives a life of glamour, yet it has a price.

I love to show people a little glimpse of my life because it’s not a normal world…growing up and marrying in the sport/entertainment world…It is not easy.

FWM: What makes your life unique?

I am surrounded by strong individuals who all achieve things for themselves and are not afraid to stand out…they inspire and motivate each other. I never, ever take life nor blessings for granted. I’ve seen people close to me fighting for their lives and losing it. I have good values and morals. The moment you realize that life is for living…is the moment you can make a unique impact on the world. You realize who you are meant to be…not who the world expects.


FWM: What makes you a formidable woman?

I’m NEVER afraid to stand out and I always stand for what I  believe in…even if it’s not a popular view at the time. I think I have gained respect because I’m honest. I do and say what needs to be done…not what people want to hear. Being a formidable woman for me is something which comes naturally–“Work hard, shine harder, and shine together” is more fun.

FWM: Is charity important to you?

Yes,  it makes you humble and if you have it better than other people you need to give at least 10 percent to somebody that needs it. I’m not talking about big charities events, but giving to your neighbors or people that help animals. It’s good for the soul!

FWM: What would people be surprised to know about you?

I was a gymnast and I know what it means to be at the top of sports- I was in one, but I couldn’t keep up with the TOP. It’s hard and a big sacrifice. So, when I got a injury I went to a level lower but was happy. The time I was representing my country was very special. At that time there were not a lot of women of color doing gymnastics.

FWM: What is the greatest misnomer of a Footballer’s Wife?  

That a Footballer’s Wife has it all. We can never go a weekend away. There were many weddings, funerals, and parties. I was often on my own because he had a match, traveled for a tournament or game. Yes, we go on fabulous holidays but he has only 3 weeks off in a year. It is a dangerous game that you can only play if you are lucky until you’re 35.

FWM: What would you like people to take from your book?

I hope they hear my story. It’s not perfect, but I’m open and I’m very real. I don’t sugar coat anything.

FWM: Tell us about being on “The Real Housewives of Cheshire”

The UK Producers of “The Real Housewives of Cheshire” asked me to be involved. I knew I would be good for Reality TV,  because there’s never a dull moment in my life. I’m opinionated and I have a unusual life. In the show you will see what it is like to live in Cheshire, how to raise kids in the Dutch and South American way and also what it’s like to be a footballer family.

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