Fashion and meeting Sheikha

Written on 04/18/2018


You don't get invited to these events every day but i got invited to go to London to attend a fashion show by DR Hindalqassimi. Yes, she isn't just a doctor, she is royalty.  

The event took place in a prestige ball room in the fabulous Grosvenor House Hotel.

I accepted the invitation from Her Highness Sheikha Dr Hind Al-Qassimi, member of Sharjah Royal Family with excitement. 

We arrive at the hotel in a beautiful Mercedes, the driver opens the door and calls me madam (what a gentleman).

On the way to the venue we had a choice of Champagne or still water. Safe to say i went for the water, however i knew that i should of had a glass of champagne but did not want to spill it on my fantastic lime yellow dress.

The red carpet was glamorous and you could feel the class, the royalty and the sparkling jewels that are being shown off around by everybody.

I felt that this was the place where i could be myself.

I loved that the ladies made a huge effort to look beautiful and everywhere you looked the guests were wearing Gucci, D&G and other high end designer dresses that you can only see on the catwalk in Milan.

All the guests recognised me and kept asking where they knew me from and they just loved who i was as a  person. The difference is if you play a role in a movie you play a character, but i was myself on the show and it was nice to be recognised for having good morals and showing a bit of sass.

East meets West after the show had come to an end with the beautiful dresses and gowns that graced the catwalk.

It was time for me to meet the Sheikha herself. She did not walk around with a bodyguard, but trust me not everybody gets to come near her that's a fact. 

We had a lovely chat as she was genuienly interested in me and i love Dubai so we had a lot in common and a lot to discuss.

The best thing was that the same make up artist that did her make up also did mine...Just saying LOL.

Check her out on Instagram @maryam.taqi.


Good for her and also very good for me. The Sheikha gave some awards away and i was able to shop their accessories and jewellery as modelled on the catwalk.

We finished off the evening with some lovely chats with genuine people and even had an interview with the biggest Arabic channel.

The night came to an end when i went back to my hotel room and fell asleep as a princes... oh NO, i felt asleep as a "Sheikha in London"