Flowers make you happy even if they are artificial.

Written on 07/25/2019

I hate artificial flowers  but these are one of the best investments you will ever make. They can put a smile on your face even on a rainy day.

Artificial flowers are very little maintenance and can be prepared well in advance of any event big or small or even just in the your living room. 

Flowers are expensive and to be fair I look back at my life in Holland. Yes i'm born and raised in the Netherands where we have flowermarkets and where we are famous for our flowers especially roses and tulips. In my house i  constantly had 3 big bunches of fresh flowers at one given time.

So here in the UK I  stopped wasting my money  on fresh flowers when I realised what a game changer artificial flowers can be but don't just go for any, make sure you go for the best. Don't buy cheap ones as they begin to discolour in direct sunlight and can look really cheap.Have you ever seen a super fake Gucci bag?Details are everything!LISTEN TO ME LOL.

I have a year old Piony roses which look tired and dusty. In order to bring them back to life you need to soak them in some cold water mixed in with washing up liquid. After you leave them long enough to soak, make sure to rinse under the tap and leave outside to naturally dry. 

Sometimes I even mix them with real flowers or real leaves to really make a bold statement. 


Good articial flowers can be sourced from SIA or go to AKO shop in Knutsford.

Some of my tips on how to achieve my look:

TIP 1 Consider your colour scheme, are you classic or contempory.

TIP 2 Check out the seasonal flowers too.

TIP 3 Choose an odd number of stems then add one at a time so your arragement looks more realistic.

TIP 4 Select a vase and if you go to OKA you can even bring your own vase and the bunch can be gift wrapped too.

Great present for yourself or somebody that is worth to get  a lifetime "award"  shop stopping arrangement made by you.

That's it from me for now, until next time keep your eyes and ears peeled for more tips.